Town Road Standards

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1.2 Purpose

1.3 Scope

1.4 Effective date

1.1 AUTHORITY. These standards are adopted under the authority granted by Wisconsin Stats  82.0

1.2 PURPOSE. The Town road system shall be designed to meet the following objectives: permit the safe, efficient and orderly movement of traffic; to meet the needs of the present and future population with a simple and logical pattern; to respect natural features and topography and to present an attractive appearance.

1.3 SCOPE. The scope of this ordinance covers the design and construction of Town roads. Exemptions may be made for short dead-end roads as determined by the Town Board. In the course of subdivision review, the Town Board may designate roads as arterial, collector or local roads. This decision shall be based upon County or Town plans for road networks. The Town Board may require any road to be constructed to the boundary of the subdivision. The Town Board may require screening and other buffers along roads to limit access along such roads. The Town Board shall require proof that the subdivider has given written notice of proposed locations of the roads to owners of all contiguous lands.

1.       The number of intersections along arterial roads shall be held to a  minimum. Whenever practicable, the distance between such intersections shall not exceed (county highway standard).

2.     Road jogs with centerline offsets of less than 150 feet shall be avoided.

3.     No more than two roads shall intersect at one point.

4.     Roads shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the following standards:

a. Design and related standards for rural design (with ditches) town roads and private roads which provide access to individual lots.

                      1.  66′ minimum right-or-way;   

2.   15″ minimum culverts or as specified, with a minimum cover of one foot to the top of the sand lift. All culverts shall be galvanized, corrugated steel pipe, pipe arch, plate, or reinforced concrete pipe in conformity with American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) specifications;


3.      3′ to 5′ ditch bottom, 4-1 slopes; 3-1 back slope; exceptions to be approved by Town Board.

4.       32′ minimum road width before placement of base course;

5.       30′ road width after placement of base course;

6.       12″ minimum sand lift, compacted;

7.       8″ minimum rock base course, compacted;

8.     22′ blacktop width, 2.5 depth compacted. Blacktop to be laid one year after base course and final approval by Town Board.

9.       Minimum 2′ shoulders.

10.       Water/drainage assessment to be done according to DNR Best Practice Manual.

11.       Widths, radii and grades.

Local roads serving more than one lot

Minimum Right-of-Way width                 66′

Minimum Radius                                        200′

Maximum Grade                                         10%

Maximum Grade to a Stop
Condition     2% (within 50’ of intersection)

5.     The Town Board shall examine the design of roads and driveways to

assure that lots are laid out in a way
that will produce intersections, grades and other features satisfying the
following standards:

a.       The intersection angle of a driveway to a road and of a road to a road shall not be less than 75 degrees;

b.       The Town Board requires triangle vision clearances for driveways entering class D and E roads.

c.       Roads at the perimeter of subdivision shall extend to the subdivision boundary. Narrow strips of land between the road and subdivision boundary (spite strips) shall not be permitted unless the conditions under which the adjacent parcel can be connected to the road are established;

d.       The vertical alignment of the centerline shall be based on the minimum safe stopping distance in accordance with design standards of the AASHTO;

e.       A dead-end road shall not exceed 1000 feet in length without. Town Board approval. The Town Board may require that provision be made for the extension of the dead-end road to the boundary of the subdivision.


f.       A dead-end road serving three or more lots shall have a cul-de-sac turn-around with a minimum right-of-way radius of 80 feet. The traveled way within the cul-de-sac shall provide a minimum inside radius of 60 feet. Appropriate arrangements shall be made for those parts of a temporary turn-around outside of road right-of-way to revert to abutting landowners at such time as the road shall be extended. Where cul-de-sac are provided, the right-of-way line connecting the road right-of-way with the 80-foot cul-de-sac radius shall be 80 feet in radius;

g.     The Town Board may require joint driveways, particularly on cul-de-sacs;

h.         A road serving two or more lots must be constructed according to the standards of this ordinance to be considered for dedication as a Town road.

1.4 EFFECTIVE DATE. This ordinance shall be effective upon
passage and publication as provided by law.


Adopted October 16, 2004.



Marvin Lansing, Chairman

Tim Mittelstadt, Supervisor

Harold James, Supervisor

Lucille Mittelstadt, Clerk


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