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1.1 Authority: Chapter 90 of WI. State Statutes is hereby adopted by reference.

1.2 Purpose: 1. To clarify property owner’s requirements to maintain partition fences between two or more land owners.

2.  To mediate, via fence viewers, disputes between land owners.

3.  To determine the type of fence, if any, needed with timelines for completion.

4.  To provide remedies for non-compliance.

5.  To maintain effective fences for containment of animals.

1.3 Scope: Where fences are needed between landowners where at least one of them is using the land for farming or grazing (90.03).

1.4 Fees: The fence viewers fees are set by the Town Board as per 5.5. 90.15.

1.5 Notification: By registered letter, the delinquent landowner will be given a “reasonable time” as per S.S. 90.10 to repair or build a legal fence as described in Chapter 90 or by mutual, written consent of the involved parties.

1.6 Enforcement: Failure to build a “Legal Partition Fence” will be handled by the Town Board.  The delinquent owner will be responsible for the total cost as per 5.5. 90.11 & 90.12.

1.7 Effective Date: This ordinance will take effect after passage and posting according to law.

Adopted: December 14, 1987

Ken Windsor, Chairman
James Smith, Supervisor Robert Larson, Supervisor Lucille Mittelstadt, Clerk


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