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1.1 Authority: This ordinance is adopted granted by Chapters 81 and 86, Wisconsin Statutes.

1.2 Purpose: This ordinance is designed to improve the safe entrance to and egress from driveways, and to protect on-going traffic in a consistent manner allowing for specific road conditions. (On dead-end roads, etc.)

1.3 Scope: All new or relocated driveways on town roads are subject to this ordinance.

1.4 Driveway Permit Required:   A Town of Stanton Driveway Permit must be obtained and approved prior to the installation of a driveway. Permits can be obtained from the Town Patrolman. The fee for the permit is set by the Town Board.


1.5 Sighting Distance:   Unless there are reduced speed limits, the minimum sight distance used to determine approval of a driveway request is 400 feet. Exceptions  may be made for unusual conditions. 


1.6 Height and Width:  The required height and width of all driveways will be 14’ wide and must allow a 14’ high clearance for emergency service vehicles.

1.7 Penalties:     Unauthorized driveways installed after the date of this ordinance becomes effective must be removed at the owner’s expense.

1.8 Effective Date: This ordinance shall be effective 3-21-05 upon passage and
publication as provided by law.

Adopted this 19th day of March, 2005

Chairperson, Rich Monn
 Supervisor, Harold James
Supervisor, Tim Mittlestadt



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