Control of Fires

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1.1 Authority: This ordinance is adopted under the
authority granted by chapter 60.55, WI. St. Statutes.

1.2 Purpose: To cause the
reporting and control of burning materials and to ensure safety of life,
property and natural resources of the Town.

1.3 Scope: All fires set within
the Town, if not exempted, are included within the ordinance. Exemptions:
Controlled cooking for outdoor fires.

1.4 Fire Calls: When the Fire
Department(s) respond to a fire, regardless of how it started, the total cost
will be assessed to the property owner. This assessment will include any
supporting ambulance fees.

1.5 Billing and Payment Procedure:    The costs of Fire Calls shall be billed by the Town Clerk to the
property owner and paid within 90 days of date the bill was sent from the
office of the Town Clerk. Failure to pay the bill within 90 days will result in
interest charged at the rate of 1% per month from the date of billing.
Outstanding bills at the end of the year of the occurrence shall be dealt with
by any legal procedure allowed by law.

1.6 Fire Burning Notification:       Any resident wishing to conduct a
controlled burning activity must call the non-emergency number of the Dunn
County Sheriff’s Department to inform them of burning plans.

Adopted this 19th day of March 2005

Chairperson Marv Lansing
Supervisor Harold James

Supervisor Tim Mittlestadt

Attest Lucille

Published March 21, 2005


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