Collection and Recycling of Solid Waste

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1.1 Authority:     This ordinance is adopted to comply with Wisconsin State Statute
287.05 and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Code 544.06 thus allowing
access to state licensed landfills and incinerators after January 1, 1995.

1.2 Purpose:    1. To provide for the health and safety of all residents.

  2. To maintain a clean, healthy environment throughout the township.

  3. To provide systematic orderly procedures for disposing solid wastes.

  4. To comply with legal requirements.

1.3 Scope:        1. Applies to all users of the Town of Stanton Recycling Center located at the Town Shop

1.4 Procedures:  1. The Town of Stanton Recycling Center is open from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to receive:

a.    garbage in Town of Stanton bags that can be purchased at the Center or BP gas station in Knapp.

b.    recycle items and cardboard that must be placed in assigned dumpsters.

c.    newspapers, other papers and magazines to be dropped off at the Town Shop.

2. Spring and Fall Roll-off days will be continued to allow large items to be brought to the center.

3. Residents will be informed by written notice when Roll-off Days are scheduled and related fees.

1.5 Fees:  Fees for garbage bags and roll-off items will be set by the Town Board.

1.6 Penalties: The Town Board has the authority to inspect items brought to the Center, issue citations and assess penalties. The penalty for illegal use of the Center is $25.00.

Adopted: February 14, 1994

Filed: February 14, 1994


Erwin Hurtgen, Chairman

Dennis Minter, Supervisor

James Smith, Supervisor

Lucille Mittelstadt, Clerk

Attest: Lucille Mittelstadt


Published: March 21, 2005



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