Citation Ordinance

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1.1 Authority: WI. Statute 66.0113

1.2 Purpose: By adoption of this ordinance the Town of Stanton has the authority to issue citations for violations of Town ordinances, including ordinances with statutory counterparts.

1.3 Scope: Citations issued in the Town by the Town Board, or its designees, for violations of Town ordinances shall include all of the following:

1. The name and address of the alleged violator.

2. The factual allegations describing the alleged violation.

3. The time and place of the alleged violation.

4. The number of the ordinance violated.

5. The designation of the offense in a manner that can be readily understood by a person making a reasonable effort to do so.

6. The time at which the alleged violator may appear in court.

7. The violator may make the required deposit, by check or money order, made out to the Town of Stanton and mailed to the Clerk-Treasurer.

·        If the deposit is made within the stated time, the alleged violator need not appear in court unless subsequently summoned, such action will be deemed a plea of no contest.

·        if the alleged violator does not make a cash deposit and does not appear in court at the specified time, the court may issue a summons or a warrant for the defendents arrest.

·        If the alleged violator elects to make a cash deposit, he/she shall sign a statement that accompanies the citation indicating the violator has read the statement and send the signed statement with the deposit.

·        The cash deposits required for violating town ordinances are cited in the respective ordinances and included in the citation.

8. The Town of Stanton Board names the Town Clerk-Treasurer or the Dunn Co. Clerk of Court as officials to receive cash deposits and requires receipts for such deposits.

9. In traffic regulation violations, the uniform traffic citation as per 345,11 WI. Statute shall be used by the Town of Stanton in lieu of the citation described herein.

1.4 Enforcement: The Town of Stanton Board has designated the Town Chair or any person approved by the Town Board to serve any citation.

1.5 Effective Date:                August 28, 2009

Adopted: After proper legal notice and hearing, this ordinance was adopted on August 31, 2009.


Chairman Marvin Lansing

Supervisor Ken Windsor

Attest: Val Windsor

Publish Date: August 31, 2009


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