Ambulance Service Costs

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1.1 Authority: State Statutes 60.565 states the Town Board may appropriate money
to enforce “Ambulance Services”.

1.2 Purpose:       State Statute 60.56(5) states the Town Board may establish a reasonable fee for Ambulance Services.

1.3 Scope:             The Town of Stanton hereby establishes the policy that both Real Estate and Personal Property owners are liable for full costs of Ambulance Services billed to the Town of Stanton on the Property Owners’ behalf.

1.4 Billing and Payment Procedures:  The costs of Law Enforcement and Ambulance charges as outlined above shall be billed by the Town Clerk-Treasurer to the Property owner & are to be paid within 90 days of date the billing was sent from the office of the Town Clerk.

Failure to pay the bill within 90 days will result in interest paid at the rate of 1 ½ % per month from the date of billing. Outstanding bills at the end of the year of their occurrence shall be dealt with by any legal procedure allowed by law.

1.5 Effective Date: This ordinance shall take effect after its passage by the Stanton Town Board and Posting, as required by law.

Adopted: September 12, 1998

Chairman, Erwin Hurtgen

Supervisor, Harold James

Supervisor, Mike

Clerk, Lucille Mittelstadt


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