Spring 2024 Roll off

                               SPRING ROLL OFF

               SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2024–9AM-1PM

Please bring your roll off items during the stated time (9am-1pm)


TV’s-all sizes                       30.00

ALL appliances                   20.00

Car Tires                               5.00

Car Tires w/ rims              6.00

Truck Tires                           15.00

Truck tubes                         3.00

Tractor Tires                        40.00

Tractor tubes                      5.00

Rolls of Carpet                   10.00

Couches, Chairs,

Mattresses, Bed Springs

Futons, ect…                       20.00

ALL electronics

(except TV’s)                      20.00


Standard Loads and Large Loads will have a fee based on the load.  We reserve the right to decide.