Spring Roll-off

Spring Roll off is set for Saturday, April 30, 2022. 9am-1pm.

Prices for roll-off are as follows:  Please come during the stated times 9am-1pm

TV’s – all sizes                          25.00                    Truck Tires                           12.00

Washers, Dryers, Ranges,                                    Truck Tubes                           3.00

Water heaters, Humidifiers                                 Tractor Tires                        25.00

Appliances with Freon           15.00                     Tractor Tubes                        5.00

(fridge, freezer, A/C, ect.)     20.00                     Roll of Carpet                         5.00

Car Tires                                     3.00                     Standard Load Fee                5.00

Car Tires w/ rims                      4.00                     Large Load Fee         10.00-15.00